We offer superior supplements with a unique delivery  to ensure your body gets maximum benefits. Why pay for supplements and then have a large portion simply flush through without being absorbed? Here is a short video on why we consider our supplements to be superior to other supplements you can find on the shelves of supermarkets and drug stores.


Isotonix OPC-3 (#13009) is one of the most revolutionary nutritional supplements available today. Between its unparalleled formula, including the clinically-studied ingredient Pycnogenol, and the revolutionary Isotonix Delivery System, there isn’t a more effective antioxidant supplement on the market today.

The Isotonix Daily Essentials Kit (#6459)

 Enjoying good health and lifelong vitality isn’t the result of an overnight transformation — it happens one day at a time. It’s also true — now more than ever — that each day can bring new challenges and stresses to both body and mind. By making the right nutritional choices every day, we set in motion benefits which add up over the course of weeks, months and years. For all of these reasons, the Isotonix Daily Essentials Kit is made for every adult. 


Isotonix Activated B-Complex (#13057) benefits go way beyond energy. For example, vitamin B12 helps support your cardiovascular health, while vitamin B6 can help maintain your immune system. Isotonix Activated B-Complex delivers active forms of these and other crucial B vitamins, providing your body with these vital nutrients quickly and effectively.